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Renewable energy

A government that delivers

Interview with Dr Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary, Government of Malaysia
ASEAN’s oil bill to reach $240b by 2035: IEA

The thirst for oil in Southeast Asia will result in oil imports worth $240 billion annually by 2035, leaving nations exposed to price shocks,...
Thailand, look how the EU deals with its farmers

Thailand has just prolonged its populist policy of buying rice from farmers at up to more than 50 per cent above the world market...
Malaysia launches $100m fund for green energy

Malaysia and Japan's  Asian Energy Investments Pte Ltd. have launched a $100 million venture capital fund to invest in clean energy projects in Southeast...
Solar power, a viable alternative for Brunei

Brunei has made the energy sector in Southeast Asia sit up and take notice with its announcement that the oil-rich state will introduce a...
Brunei takes the renewable energy path

The Sultanate of Brunei announced on September 9 announced that it will introduce a feed-in tariff model for renewable energy in the nation in...
Are the Philippines’ energy dreams too ambitious?

Alongside the C-5 highway in Metro Manila, one of the pulsing thoroughfares of the capital, a raggedy tarpaulin banner belonging to a hotel known...
Mindanao fights rising fossil fuels with green scheme

Efforts to alleviate the precarious electricity supply situation on Mindanao have spurred the development of several fossil fuel-based plants, with the Philippine government targeting...
Renewables: The green, clean job machine

A potent weapon of persuasion has been floating about the Asian Development Bank (ADB) this past week during the Asia Clean Energy Forum, held...
Geothermal energy: Indonesia shows some latent steam

One of the world’s most volcanically active countries, Indonesia has a daunting geography that, though at times self destructive, could be harnessed with modern...
Massive rise in Asia fuel imports predicted

Asia’s voracious demand for power will force greater amounts of fuel imports in the decades to come, an Asian Development Bank (ADB) report has...
Contracting with the Philippines’ green ambitions

The Philippines has outlined an ambitious energy plan to generate 15,000 megawatts from renewable energy by 2030, or half of the projected supply. There...
Thailand expects investment applications worth 1 trillion baht

Investment applications to Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI) in 2013 would be at least 1 trillion baht ($32 billion), up from the previous target...
Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund plans $1b energy IPO

1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), one of Malaysia's state-backed sovereign wealth funds, is planning an initial public offering of its power assets at the Bursa Malaysia,...

Malaysia's largest state of Sarawak and Brunei's neighbour has been in the spotlight of Qatari investors during the June 12 launch of Inside Investor's...
Sarawak reaches out to Qatar investors

Big deal is in the making, says chief minister
Roadmap set for ‘low-carbon’ Thailand

Thai and Japanese researchers have embarked on a "Roadmap for a Low-carbon Thailand towards 2050" initiative that is aimed at contributing to widespread climate-policy...
Sarawak to receive high-level Qatari delegation

This Thursday, June 12 , Sarawak gets put into the spotlight as business titans from Qatar representing institutional investment bodies, halal food industries and Islamic finance descend upon Kuching.