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Asia’s currencies get hammered after double yuan whammy

Asian currencies suffered big time after after China's surprise decision to devalue the yuan on August 11, and got a double whammy after Beijing...
China, Singapore allow direct renminbi trading

China and Singapore have agreed to allow direct trading between each other's currency, Singapore's central bank said on October 22. The move, along with other...
Malaysia, China set trade target of $160b by 2017

Malaysia and China have set a bilateral trade target of $160 billion by 2017, as agreed between Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak and China's...
Singapore, HK vie for yuan gateway

After Singapore doubled its currency swap agreement with China in March, the city-state has been given the upper hand over Hong Kong in becoming...

In an effort to secure better trading terms and investment rates with Chinese suppliers and purchases, the Malaysian, HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd's Director Trade...