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Singapore housing market recovers, prices could surge 20% this year

Singapore’s housing market is showing signs of recovery from a four-year slump even as officials watch cautiously after previous bouts of overheating. Property prices...
Another record stock listing underway in Vietnam

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Singapore house prices surge fastest in eight years, recovery seen

Singapore reported its biggest quarterly jump in first-quarter 2018 private home prices in nearly eight years on April 27, a 3.9 per cent growth...
Myanmar’s residential property market facing downward correction

The heydays for landlords in Myanmar's with sky-high rents in larger cities are apparently over.  A global property firm says that 2018 will bring...
Thailand considers 50-year land lease option for foreigners

In its aim to boost foreign property investment, the Thai government is currently studying the option of granting foreigners the right to buy houses...
Singapore residential property prices keep dropping

Singapore home prices dropped for a 12th quarter in a row, extending the longest losing streak on record, with the slow decline accelerating in...
Singapore property prices poised to fall by 20%

Residential property prices in Singapore could be headed for a sizable correction of up to 20 per cent by 2015, according to an analysis...