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Dutch financial services group ING Bank is exiting the retail banking market in the Philippines, just shortly after US banking giant Citi did the...

Citigroup agreed to sell its consumer banking businesses in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam with a customer base of about 2.4 million to Singapore’s...

US banking major Citigroup said on December 23 that it is selling its consumer banking business in the Philippines to Union Bank of the...
Citibank Philippines

Union Bank of the Philippines has been named as preferred bidder by Citibank for the latter’s consumer banking division in the Philippines, Bloomberg News...

Citibank's headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand US banking group Citibank on April 15 said that it will exit the...
Myanmar awards licenses for foreign banks

Australia & New Zealand Banking (ANZ) and three Japanese banks on October 1 won coveted licenses to operate in Myanmar, after decades in which...
Thailand’s struggle with Islamic finance

Islamic finance has not taken off yet in Thailand despite the country's only Islamic lender, state-owned Islamic Bank of Thailand, or iBank, is trying...
Push for Islamic Finance needed in Brunei

Brunei, although it has a small banking market, is still somehow underestimating the potential of Islamic finance as incentives to set up Shariah banking...

Global banking giant HSBC has been present in Qatar since 1954 and has set a significant foothold in commercial and private banking in Qatar. Inside Investor sat down with HSBC Qatar's CEO Abdul Hakeem Mostafawi to hear more.

The Islamic Bank of Thailand is the Buddhist nation's first Shariah-compliant bank. Senior executive VP Rak Vorrakitpokatorn in an exclusive interview.

Qatar Islamic Bank is the leading Shari’a-compliant financial institution in Qatar. Inside Investor sat down with Ahmed Meshari Muhaidi, acting CEO of Qatar Islamic Bank, to learn more about the bank’s strategy.

Asia is moving toward a self-sustaining cycle with on-going trade surpluses, with banks in better financial shape than in the West. Banks in developing countries are looking forward to a decade of profitable growth.

Saudi Arabia's Al Rajhi Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the world. The group ventured into the international market by setting up its first overseas branches in Malaysia, where it today operates 23 branches.