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Second listing gives wings to Yangon Stock Exchange

Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH) made a solid debut on May 20 as the second company on Myanmar's Yangon Stock Exchange, spurring a lot...
Solid debut for 7-Eleven at Bursa Malaysia

7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd rose six per cent in its first day of trade, as investors bet on rosy long-term prospects for Malaysia's dominant...

Thailand's SET index and the Philippines' PSE Composite were among the top 10 best-performing stock markets globally in 2012 based on year-to-date performance. The SET...

Despite Singapore being one of the few AAA-rated Asian countries, its strong reliance on trade and exports means that the economic performance of its larger US and European counterparts cannot be ignored.

Singapore has experienced a shift in capital over the past five years, with more money flowing into non-residential strata properties as investors start to view them as an alternative to residential properties.