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Cambodia Named Cheapest Place To Retire

Cambodia has been named the cheapest place to retire in 2019 by International Living, a magazine that focuses on the best places to live...
Bangkok Now Second Most Expensive City To Live In Southeast Asia

Thailand’s capital Bangkok has now become the second most expensive city to live in within ASEAN, only beaten by Singapore, according to a new...
Expat life in the Philippines a double-edged sword, says survey

The Philippines is more popular for expats within Southeast Asia for those seeking a partner and finding a place to raise their children, but...
Philippines enters social security partnership with Germany, Japan

The Philippines, now has bilateral Social Security Agreements (SSAs) with Germany and Japan effective June 1 and August 1 of this year, respectively, ensuring...

The Philippines is often globally ranked as a top retirement country – and for good reason. First, the country is a haven of world-class beaches...
Cambodia to introduce three-year visa for expats

Cambodia is expanding its unusually permissive visa regime and will soon issue three-year multiple-entry visas to entice more long-stay visitors and expats to the...
Retire in Southeast Asia: Three of the best places

The New York Times wrote that about 100,000 people from all over the world retired to Asia in 2010 alone. The cost of living...
Malaysia is ASEAN’s retirement hot spot

International Living magazine has put together a list of top retirement destinations around the world based on several factors such as cost of living,...

Retiring in Southeast Asia has become a viable option for Westerners hitting the 50 plus age bracket. In 2010, the New York Times estimated...

A great infographic that shows the main reasons why people from Westerns countries choose to retire in Southeast Asia. Plus a comparison of living and housing costs and crime rates of the most popular countries.