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rice trade

Philippines to import 800,000 tonnes of rice

The Philippines is looking to import as much as 800,000 tonnes of rice this year to boost thinning stockpiles and curb local price increases,...
China helps Thailand to reduce rice mountain

China has committed to "definitely" purchase 1.2 million tonnes of white rice from the Thai government’s stockpile at a "good price" within the next...
Japan signs huge rice deal with Myanmar

Japan has foregone the infamous protectionist policies held up by its rice industry to purchase 5,000 tonnes of the staple grain from Myanmar in...
Thailand wants rice top spot back

Thailand, having lost its position as number one rice exporter of the world in 2012 due to unfavourable government subsidy policies, is reclaiming the...
Thailand Rice

Thailand, the world's largest rice producing country, will send a mission to the GCC in the coming month to strenghten food security cooperation. Officials will...