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Rohingya people

Qatar to help Indonesia shelter Rohingya migrants

The wealthy Arab nation of Qatar on May 28 pledged $50 million to help Indonesia shelter Muslim Rohingya migrants from Myanmar, the official Qatar...
Myanmar holds national census amid controversy

Myanmar has started its first full national census in 30 years on March 30 and will be collecting population data across the country until...
Ooredoo will need to proceed cautiously in Myanmar

The successful bid of Ooredoo (formerly Qatar Telecom) for a mobile phone licence in Myanmar was a great step forward towards closer business relations...
Taliban training camp in Myanmar?

Reports are making the round that the Taliban have recruited Rohingya Muslims, Bangladeshis and Indonesian nationals and are training them in an undisclosed camp...
Ethno-religious strife in Myanmar continues

The leader of an anti-Muslim, nationalist political movement in Myanmar narrowly dodged an assassination attempt July 26 when a bomb went off near him...
Myanmar’s Buddhists say they won’t use Ooredoo

After the Myanmar government has granted one of its two highly lucrative mobile phone licenses to Qatar's telecom company Ooredoo (formerly Qatar Telecom), monks...
Myanmar president adheres to reforms

Myanmar President Thein Sein met with US President Barack Obama on May 20 at the White House in Washington D.C., pledging his government’s commitment...
Myanmar Checkpoint

Religious persecution of Muslim Rohingyas and the continuation of conflict in the long-restive Kachin State have hindered main cross-border trade routes in Myanmar. The migration...