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Myanmar’s economy expected to grow 8.5% this fiscal year

Myanmar's economy should grow 8.5 per cent during the current fiscal year, higher than earlier forecast thanks mainly to rising gas production and investment,...
Singapore, China reach out to Spanish gas firm

Singapore state investment giant Temasek and Chinese oil group Sinopec aim to snap up a multi-billion dollar stake in Spain's Gas Natural, the Financial...

A global investment guide by Stuart Williamson, CEO Montpelier Malaysia

The Myanmar Ministry of Energy has listed 59 “prospective bidders” clamouring for 30 offshore oil and gas blocks, with seven Indian companies included in...

The state oil fund of East Timor showed a balance of $11.77 billion at the end of 2012, surpassing Oman's and Bahrain's with $9.1...

The Gulf states, especially Qatar, find a promising area for investment in ASEAN in the tourism sector, as a number of ventures by Qatari investment institutions have shown in the recent past.

If investors weren’t already rattled enough by the prospects of dealing with Algeria’s red-taped system, it now seems that they will also have the added possibility of an Islamist militant resurgence on their minds.