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Royal Thai Police

State of emergency announced in Bangkok

The Thai caretaker cabinet on January 21 announced the state of emergency for Bangkok and some parts of nearby provinces, which will come into...
Thai protesters vow to ‘paralyse’ government

With Thai street protests entering their seventh day, leaders in the evening of November 29 have vowed to "paralyse" public services until the government...
Thailand plans tourist entry fee of 500 baht

The Thai government is mulling a plan to charge foreigners a 500-baht ($16) entry fee from January 2014, an idea the Ministry of Tourism...
Thai police stamp out illegal elephant rings

Where only 2,000 elephants exist in the wild, elephants have become a national symbol in Thailand, as well as being victim of a number...
Police rescue 90 smuggled cats on Thai border

Thai police stopped a pickup truck on July 11 filled with 90 smuggled kitties that were headed straight to restaurants in Vietnam, where they...
Thailand wants tourists to buy health insurance

Thailand's state agencies have agreed "in principle" with the Public Health Ministry's proposal to require foreign tourists to buy travel and health insurance before...