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The North Korean embassy in Phnom Penh © Arno Maierbrugger Cambodia “shut down all” North Korean businesses and...
North Korea Could Follow Vietnam’s “doi Moi” Example

As Vietnam’s capital Hanoi prepares to host the second US-North Korea summit later this month, experts say North Korea may be gearing up to...
US sanctions two Singapore firms for North Korea dealings

The US Treasury Department said in a statement on October 25 it has put two Singapore companies, commodities trading house Wee Tiong Singapore Pte....
New US sanctions against Myanmar military in Rohingya crisis

The US broadened its sanctions against Myanmar on August 17, blacklisting four commanders and two units of security forces for their alleged role in...
Indonesia to trade palm oil and coffee for Russian fighter jets

In good old COMECON style, Russia will accept payments from Indonesia for Russian-built fighter planes in commodities such as palm oil and coffee, reports...
Obama finally lifts all economic sanctions on Myanmar

US President Barack Obama on October 7 finally announced the lifting of US sanctions on Myanmar, acknowledging that the country has pursued political reforms...