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Sarawak: A world of music and crafts

For more than a decade, the Rainforest World Music Festival has assembled musicians for three days in Sarawak. The event has grown from a...
ASEAN’s growing population: Many new mouths to feed

ASEAN's overall population is exploding. Whether this is good or bad is dependent on the country. While large populations can be viewed as adding...
ASEAN’s southern grouping gets active

An effective force in ASEAN has recently been making headlines. As opposed to the their counterpart in the Mekong region (a union defined by...
Internet insecurity: Could a Sarawak ‘cyber army’ be afoot?

The clandestine actions of so-called ‘invisible threats’ gracing headlines in recent weeks have arguably revealed otherwise, billowing waves of consternation throughout our hyper-connected world. In...
Rainforest Music Festival to kick off in Sarawak

The annual Rainforest World Music Festival, set in the jungles of Sarawak, Malaysia, is set for a three-day weekend of music and dance from...
Sarawak reaches out to Qatar investors

Big deal is in the making, says chief minister
Inside Investor sets focus on Sarawak

Read about Inside Investor's event in Kuching!
Sarawak to receive high-level Qatari delegation

This Thursday, June 12 , Sarawak gets put into the spotlight as business titans from Qatar representing institutional investment bodies, halal food industries and Islamic finance descend upon Kuching.
Inside Investor sets focus on Sarawak

Sarawak will see a high-profile business event on June 12 when Inside Investor launches its brand-new Inside Sarawak 2013 investment report.
Indonesia plans Borneo’s largest dam

State-owned China Power Investment Corporation has announced plans to build a 7,000-megawatt hydroelectric dam in North Kalimantan, Indonesia, dwarfing Borneo’s current largest hydropower facility,...
All the hubbub about Sarawak’s halal hub

The Tanjung Manis Halal Hub offers a springboard to reach and grow the halal industry in and from Sarawak, a topic that will be on top of the agenda of Inside Investor's high-level discussion on June 12 in Kuching.
Malaysian election aftermath could bring unrest

After Malaysia's general elections, an air of uncertainty now permeates the country. Concerns arose that with the iteration of status quo civil unrest could follow the polls that, nonetheless, saw major voter shifts.
Speedy Samalaju embarks on a greener shade

If the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) was a pole-vaulting competition, Samalaju would be the one pushing the benchmark ever higher, writes Justin Calderon after his trip to Sarawak.
Sarawak saw $1b investment in Jan, Feb

Sarawak attracted around $1 billion in investment in the first two months of 2013, the highest among the states in Malaysia, according to the...
Chinese Comtec invests $400m in Sarawak

The Malaysian branch of Chinese solar wafer producer Comtec Solar International has confirmed its decision to invest in a solar wafer plant at the...
Sarawak: Focus on women’s welfare

Sarawak's Ministry of Welfare, Women and Family Development is a new ministry in the state. Minister YB Datuk Hajah Fatimah Abdullah discusses her role.
Sumitomo to buy into Press Metal Sarawak

Japanese industry group Sumitomo has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Malaysia-based Press Metal Bhd to acquire  a 20-per cent stake of its...
Tourism through the eyes of Sarawak’s ‘big village’

Kuching is a big village, a kampung besar. This is a perspective from an outsider after spending two weeks in Sarawak’s capital, a remote outpost of Borneo that is somewhat more a town than a city.