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Vietnam New Hotspot For Luxury Property

Vietnam has become a new preferred location for luxury property buyers, whether domestic or foreign, due to the country’s impressive economic growth and easier...
Singapore housing market recovers, prices could surge 20% this year

Singapore’s housing market is showing signs of recovery from a four-year slump even as officials watch cautiously after previous bouts of overheating. Property prices...
Vietnam’s property market enters attractive phase, says expert

Vietnam’s real estate market has bottomed out and is showing some encouraging signs of recovery, an expert has said. Neil MacGregor, managing director of property...

Industry experts predict that Vietnam’s property market will soon bottom out and then gradually improve on the back of increased liquidity in the low...
Myanmar’s wealthy pick up London property

Rich Burmese are increasingly venturing into the London property market, with millions of dollars flowing out of the country into real estate in the...