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Malaysian airports to charge “anti-terror fee”

Passengers flying out of Malaysia will have to pay a fee of 35 ringgit ($8.55) as the government introduced a new passenger screening system,...
Philippines halts war on drugs to “clean up” corrupt police

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a suspension of his controversial anti-drugs campaign and promised to clean up the police force in the wake of...
Sea kidnappings at 10-year high, Southern Philippines new ‘hotspot’

The number of maritime kidnappings hit a ten-year high last year, with waters off the southern Philippines, particularly the Sulu Sea, becoming increasingly dangerous,...
Philippines, Japan ink economic, defense deals

The Philippines and Japan agreed to cooperate closer in various economic sectors and to work together in regional security initiatives that "promote peace and...
Thailand returns to normal after bomb spree

Thai police said that conditions have "returned to normal" following a series of deadly bomb blasts over the past days, with a political activist...
Thailand’s tourist tracking plan causes astonishment

Thailand presented a plan to force all foreign tourists to have location-tracking SIM cards on their mobile phones when they come to the country,...
South Korea next to issue travel warning for parts of Laos

South Korea followed the US and Australia in issuing a travel warning against trips to Laos' central province of Xaisomboun, as well as traveling...
Malaysia: Security tightened ahead of Obama visit to ASEAN summit

Malaysia deployed soldiers in its capital city on November 20, taking extra security precautions amid unconfirmed reports of an "imminent terrorist threat" ahead of...
Malaysia to screen visitors ahead of arrival

Malaysia's immigration department has plans to implement an "Advanced Passenger Screening System" (APSS) to obtain early personal information on foreigners about to enter the...