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Malaysia prepares nationwide ban of plastic bags

The Malaysian government plans to introduce a nationwide ban of plastic bags within a year, preceded by an awareness campaign to “educate” the population...
Malaysia enters crucial election year 2018

While Malaysia’s Prime Minister in his New Year Speech pointed at the “milestones” the country has achieved in 2017, the 60th anniversary of its...
Moody’s forecasts sharp decline in Malaysia property prices

US credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service in a new country report expects a substantial decline in property prices in Malaysia in the event...
Malaysia to limit new luxury property developments

The Malaysian government said it will allow luxury property developments, defined as such with a price tag of above one million ringgit ($241,000) per...
China-Malaysia developers plan 5,000-acre man-made island off Johor

The property slowdown in China and Hong Kong is not a deterrent for China’s property developer Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd. The company, together...
Malaysia to convert oil-palm plantations into airport city

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd plans to convert some oil-palm plantations surrounding Kuala Lumpur’s main air terminal into attractions such as theme parks, concert halls...
Water rationed outside Kuala Lumpur amid drought

Water rationing began in areas surrounding Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur after a prolonged drought, as Selangor state officials sought to wrap up talks to...
Malaysia to hunt down 500,000 illegal foreigners

On September 1, 2013, Malaysia will launch its biggest-ever crackdown to hunt down an estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants, foreign workers without permits and visa...
Malaysia struggles to cut down on crime wave

With street violence and shooting incidents on the rise in Malaysia, police are trying hard to become the crime wave under control. A major crackdown...
Qatar construction boom a big draw for ASEAN firms

It is little known outside the industry that Qatar is a major destination for construction firms from ASEAN, especially from Malaysia and Thailand. Big names have a long-standing presence in the Qatari market.