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New Philippine Space Agency Seen To Capture $1.5-billion Market

The planned Philippine Space Agency, or PhilSA, which has been announced last month by the country’s science and technology secretary, is expected to capture...
Foreign direct investment into Malaysia increased 350% in past three quarters

Malaysia’s foreign direct investments (FDI) volume increased to 49 billion ringgit ($11.72 billion) for the first nine months of this year compared with the...
Singapore’s manufacturing output growth slowing

Singapore's manufacturing output grew at a slower-than-expected pace of 4 per cent year-on-year in November 2013, dragged down mainly by lower output from the...
Offset sought for Penang’s shrinking manufacturing exports

Penang, Malaysia's production hub for semiconductors and computer parts, is making efforts to shift its regional economy partly to construction to offset a decline...
Philippines gets first semiconductor lab

In an effort to cut costs for the Philippines’ emerging semiconductor and electronics industries, the government has launched the country’s first laboratory to conduct...