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Elections Kick Off In Thailand With High Long Lines At Voting Stations

Hundreds of thousands of voters across Thailand were heading out on March 17 to cast early ballots, a week ahead the country's first general...
“Improper” singing of Philippine anthem could soon cost up to 100,000 pesos

Those singing the Philippine anthem not enthusiastically enough in the eyes of the authorities could be slapped with a fine of between 50,000 and...

On August 14, the Philippines and the US conducted high level talks on a proposal to increase the US military’s rotational presence in the...
Aquino stronger after Philippine polls

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III secured big wins in mid-term elections seen as vital to his ambitious reform agenda. However, the success of graft-tainted...
Philippines polls end ‘relatively’ peaceful

Mid-term elections in the Philippines ended on May 13 with seven people dead in election-day violence, seen by authorities as "relatively peaceful." However, 46...