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Serge Pun

Massive Yangon city expansion renders Naypyitaw pointless

Myanmar’s business capital of Yangon will see a massive expansion to accommodate its growing population and make the city more business-friendly and livable, the...
Myanmar business tycoon complains about government’s “neglect of economy”

Serge Pun, one of the richest individuals not only in Myanmar, but all over Southeast Asia, on July 6 criticised the government of Aung...
World Bank bashed for funding Myanmar projects linked to tycoons

A US-based campaign group focusing on Myanmar urged the World Bank’s financing arm International Finance Corporation (IFC) to reconsider its Myanmar investments, saying its...
Huge city development kicked off in Yangon

A $700-million urban development project saw its groundbreaking ceremony in Yangon downtown on February 17: The "Yoma Central" complex, the country's largest real estate...
Yangon Stock Exchange’s sole listed company soars 19.2% on first trading day

This Good Friday, when most major global stock exchanges were closed and brokers readied for a long Easter weekend's rest, Myanmar chose to kick...
Yangon gets new business district; stock exchange to open on December 9

Now that the elections in Myanmar have passed, the country hurries to resume a number of delayed projects to win back investor confidence which...
Myanmar builds international confidence at WEF

After the 22nd World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia, held in Myanmar from June 5-7, 2013, it is time to draw the conclusion...
Few in ASEAN aware of upcoming integration (video)

The majority of the 600-million population in ASEAN are unaware of upcoming changes in the ten-member bloc, especially about new measures that are intended...
Digicel and Soros pledge $9b for Myanmar

Caribbean-based mobile phone firm Digicel, a consortium led by billionaire George Soros bidding on a mobile phone license in Myanmar, said it is ready...