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Thailand’s Stock Exchange Ventures Into Cryptocurrency Trading

Stock Exchange of Thailand © Arno Maierbrugger The Thai stock exchange is expected to see initial public...
Thailand’s Stock Exchange Ventures Into Cryptocurrency Trading

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is planning to set up a regulated digital asset exchange in order to capitalise on sustained interest of...
Thailand’s DTAC to delist from Singapore stock exchange

Total Access Communication Plc, the operator of second-ranked DTAC, will delist from the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) by Sept 29 due to thin trading...
Martial law in Thailand hurts currency, stocks, tourism

Thailand's currency, the baht, and Thai shares fell on May 20 after the army imposed martial law in an attempt to restore stability. The...
Philippine stocks in huge plunge

The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange Index has plunged 21 per cent since its peak in May 2013 as international investors pulled a net $955...
Southeast Asia in the stranglehold of capital outflows

What is currently happening in Southeast Asia’s economies needs closer attention. It seems that the major nations have hit a speed bump in their...
Southeast Asian stocks continue to slide

The sell-off on Southeast Asian stock exchanges continued on August 28, showing that regional capital markets are in a severe bear market grip. Philippine stocks...
Thai stocks down as Bangkok braces for riots

Thailand's benchmark index SET, which already has been Asia's worst performing stock benchmark in the past 3 months, slumped on August 1 after the...

Thai companies were hitting record highs in sales of $339 billion in 2012 and showed a 15.67 per cent growth in net profits compared...

Indonesia’s lagging 2012 stock performance looks nothing like its stellar 2011 track record yet - but is the country truly on the way down or is it time to take advantage of low valuations? Citigroup sees 15 per cent upside potential for the rest of the year.

Thailand’s stock exchange has the third largest market capitalisation in Southeast Asia and also has emerged into a trading hub for institutional investors. Stock brokers can use a multinational trading platform soon.