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Shopping mall

Finally, Philippines to get its first Ikea store “soon”

Four years after Swedish discount furniture giant Ikea first signaled interest in the Philippine market, they now seem to be ready to do the...

Thailand now has its first resort-style shopping mall, the Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai which opened its first phase on June 7. The Promenada is...
The Spring Mall: Lifestyle shopping in Kuching

The Spring Shopping Mall in Kuching has earned a reputation as the best lifestyle shopping mall of Sarawak’s capital. Inside Investor asked General Manager Christine Ling how this unique idea evolved.
Siam Paragon

Over the past five years, Bangkok has welcomed 1.25 million square meters of new retail space, an increase of nearly 25 per cent, bringing the Thai capital much closer towards its goal of being a shoppers’ paradise.