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Shopping malls

As Thailand’s economy gradually tries to get back to normal, shopping malls – among other locations –...
(De)constructing Sihanoukville – a photoblog

Let’s call it nostalgia, or call it utter astonishment – but something is happening WITH Sihanoukville. Something irreversible. We know what’s happening IN Sihanoukville since...
Malaysia to limit new luxury property developments

The Malaysian government said it will allow luxury property developments, defined as such with a price tag of above one million ringgit ($241,000) per...
Vietnam’s biggest-ever IPO rocks stock market

The Communist nation of Vietnam saw its biggest-ever initial public offering at the stock market on October 26, with the retail unit of the...
Amid unrest: New luxury mall opens in Bangkok

Despite the ongoing unrest in Bangkok and a dire outlook for Thailand's political future, Central Group, Thailand’s top department store operator and its largest...