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Vietnam Gets 3,000 Electric Buses To Reduce Emission And Noise On The Roads

A new non-profit bus service will bring at least 3,000 new electric buses to Vietnamese roads next...
Phuket in talks with Siemens, Bombardier over $1-billion airport rail link

Thailand’s province of Phuket is in talks with Siemens and Bombardier over a contract to supply a rail connection to the island's international airport,...
New power plant in Thailand’s South to improve electricity situation

The times of frequent power shortages in Thailand's South seem to be over, at least temporarily. With the second block of the Chana Power...
Accenture and Siemens launch smart grid joint venture

Accenture and Siemens have completed the formation of the Omnetric Group joint venture to support the development of smart grid technology and services. The...
Smart water management needed for Asian cities

Key to the success of Asia's megacities will be smart urban water management, Lisa Hook, a senior program officer for The Asia Foundation’s Environment...