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Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore hits back at “boring” classification with witty video

The Singapore Tourism Board posted a response to a city ranking by travel guide magazine Time Out which placed the city as second-most boring...
Singapore launches standalone tourism campaign in China

Singapore is mounting a drive in China to market itself as a standalone tourism destination, officials said on June 23, after a drop in...
Record tourism arrivals in Singapore in 2013

Singapore remains an attractive destination in 2013, having ended the year with record tourism receipts and international visitor arrivals. The full-year receipts came in...
Singapore Tourism video gets a comedic response (videos)video

The latest promotion video of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), that was aimed at young Filipino tourists to visit the city state, but backfired...
Cheesy Singapore tourism promotion video goes viralvideo

The Singapore Tourism Board acknowledged that a promotional video that has drawn flak online for low production quality and a cheesy storyline "could...
More tourists, less spending in Singapore

More tourists visited Singapore in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, but they spent less, the Straits Times...
Singapore helps drive strong Asian hotel investments

But is this matched by quality? According to a Jones Lang LaSalle sponsored index, hotel investments in Asia Pacific are no longer the high risk...