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Skilled labour

In most parts of the developed and developing world, today’s youngest workforce cohort, the millennials, are tech-savvy youngsters attracted by respective city jobs, tech...
Thailand’s economy shows some muscles

Investment drawn to Thailand’s proposed Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) could push the country’s economic growth rate above five per cent by 2021, Siam Commercial...
Skills upgrade for 13 million Thai workers needed: Expert

Around 13 million people, or more than a third of Thailand’s 38-million-strong labour force, need skill upgrades, economic expert Kiatanantha Lounkaew, lecturer at the...
The ASEAN Economic Community kicks off – will it succeed?

Today, December 31, is the day when the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is officially being inaugurated. The new economic bloc, a free trade area...
Laos government vows to ‘produce’ skilled workers

The Laos government is committed to producing skilled workers so they can be employed on projects funded by foreign investors, the country's Minister of...
Laos in need for 500,000 skilled workers

The Lao government is alarmed about a serious shortage of skilled human resources in the country as it estimated that 500,000 labourers will be...