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Skills training

Indonesia Beefs Up To Become Southeast Asia’s Digital Hub

Indonesia has set itself the goal to become nothing less than a regional digital hub in Southeast Asia as early as next year. To...
Alibaba founder to launch e-commerce training center in Indonesia

Jack Ma, founder and outgoing executive chairman of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, said on October 13 that he plans to open an institute...
Singapore sets up cybersecurity academy

The Singapore government is launching a new training center focused on cyber threats under the Cyber Security Agency. It will be an academy to...
Thailand needs 800 more cyber security specialists

Thailand, which is currently promoting its Thailand 4.0 strategy that aims at transforming the country's economy into a information technology- and knowledge-driven one, is...
Cambodia to establish first civil aviation school

Cambodia plans to set up its first ever Civil Aviation Training Center with South Korean assistance in order to boost development of air transport...