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Smart City

Arab Future Cities Summit expects 350 decision makers

The Arab Future Cities Summit, a conference on smart city development in the Middle East slated to beheld from April 7 to 9 in...
Africa said to benefit strongly from smart cities

Due to increased access to connectivity and the associated predicted urbanisation, African cities wishing to uplift their populations into the 21st century are going...
Intelligent transportation vital for smart cities: Study

With more than two-thirds of the global population expected to live in urban contexts by 2050, the deployment of smart cities technologies and intelligent...
Asia-Pacific to invest $63b into Smart Cities by 2023

According to a new report from consultancy Navigant Research, cumulative investment in smart city technology in Asia-Pacific will total $63.4 billion during the period...
Tasweek, Inside Investor to accelerate smart business programmes

Tasweek Real Estate Marketing and Development, a United Arab Emirates-based real estate and property firm, with Inside Investor will organise “Smart Living City” events...
Dubai to build ‘smart city’ for Emiratis

Dubai is planning to build a smart city for Emirati residents which will be powered by solar energy, it was announced on March 3...
IBM helps Davao to become smart city

US information technology giant IBM on June 6 launched its long-awaited Intelligent Operations Center in Davao City, the fourth-largest city in the Philippines by...