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Blackberry’s last bastion: Indonesia

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry will on May 13 launch a new budget handset in Indonesia, one of its last bastions, a major step in...
China’s ZTE wants to conquer Philippine smartphone market

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE Corporation is looking at dominating the Philippine smartphone market with affordable handsets in the immediate next three years, company managing...
Chunghwa Telecom eyes Myanmar’s 3G market

Taiwan's largest telecom company, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), together with leading smartphone maker HTC will cooperate with overseas firms to invest in the largest telecom...
Apple’s board raises concerns about pace of innovation

According to a Fox Business Network report, the board of directors at Apple is raising concerns about the pace of innovation at the company. For...

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has become the latest entrant to the formerly isolated Myanmar market in an apparent bid to beat rivals Samsung and...