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Malaysia’s new car brand to make first appearance in 2020

Malaysia’s new national car project is expected to roll out its first model before or by 2020, media was told at a press briefing...
Dr. M talks tech with Alibaba’s Ma

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, also known as Dr. M, met with the founder of China’s largest e-commerce enterprise Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, at...
Thailand wants investors acquire a taste for food innovation

In its quest to become a future-oriented, innovative economy, Thailand is putting the focus on one of the things in which the country already...
Startups set to spur new economic model for Thailand

Thailand in its aim to embark on a innovation- and smart service-based economic model, dubbed "Thailand 4.0", is now set to boost the number...
Japanese banks eager to enter Thailand

Japanese banks are seeking permits to set up representative offices in Thailand in response to the surge in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) from...
Small businesses in ASEAN – Keys to overcoming the middle-income country trap

An analysis by Ronald Mendoza, Asian Institute of Management

Acleda Bank Lao Limited, the largest bank in Laos by assets, has launched an initiative to expand its lending to micro, small and medium...