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Indonesia falls behind in mobile banking

Mobile phone banking has already transformed the provision of financial services in emerging markets such as Kenya, Mexico and even remote and poverty-stricken Papua...
Number of mobile data users reaches 3 million in Myanmar

The number of mobile data users in Myanmar has increased steadily since 2011 and is approaching 3 million this year, according to the Myanmar...
Consumer electronics demand on the rise in ASEAN

Demand for consumer electronics devices such as PCs, smartphones, and video in Indonesia is set to increase 39 per cent to more than $15...
Loads of new apps for Dubai’s smart city project in the making

From making a payment with smartphones to practicing a road theory test; most of the services of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) will...
Ooredoo Myanmar completes network test run

Ooredoo Myanmar has successfully completed a mobile network trail test at their head office near the Myanmar Information and Communication Technology Park. The mobile service...

While the use of smartphones is on a rapid rise throughout ASEAN, many people are still heavy SMS users, with industry experts estimating hundreds...