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Facebook opens official presence in Vietnam

The social network Facebook has around 22 million users in Vietnam but no official presence in the country to deal with advertising partners directly....
Myanmar’s first social network to launch

Myanmar will get a glimpse at a pioneer Burmese-language social media platform on July 1 when SQUAR, a social network built for local consumers,...
Internet insecurity: Could a Sarawak ‘cyber army’ be afoot?

The clandestine actions of so-called ‘invisible threats’ gracing headlines in recent weeks have arguably revealed otherwise, billowing waves of consternation throughout our hyper-connected world. In...

Google said on June 12 it has acquired map-software provider Waze Inc. seeking to keep competitors such as Facebook and Apple from eroding its...
Searching for soul in a brand

There are many facets to how a brand is built. Yet when you break down the many strong national brands globally, you can't but ask what were the bases to their creation, their formation and their endurance, writes Firoz Abdul Hamid.