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North Korea Could Follow Vietnam’s “doi Moi” Example

As Vietnam’s capital Hanoi prepares to host the second US-North Korea summit later this month, experts say North Korea may be gearing up to...
Laos announces population census

Laos is to carry out a countrywide census, state-run media said on October 21. "People will be interviewed in regards to their profession, marital status,...
Cambodia’s garment workers march again for higher wages

Six Cambodian trade unions led around 1,000 garment workers to march through streets in Phnom Penh on October 12 to demand a higher minimum...
Laos, Cuba reaffirm ‘constant mutual support’

Laos and Cuba reaffirmed their “constant cooperation and mutual support” in the efforts for their respective development, Vientiane Times reported on September 15, referring...
Vietnam: Marxism classes for free

The Vietnam government is trying to push increasingly unpopular Marxism classes at state-run universities by offering them for free to students. Works of Marx, Lenin...