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Another $90 million in funding for “Excel-killer” Anaplan

Cloud financial planning pioneer Anaplan, which is currently on an expansion drive in Asia-Pacific, on January 14 announced a new funding round of $90...
Dialogue with Anaplan: The next generation of business planning

Anaplan, a US-based business software company that provides innovative solutions for business planning and challenges established players such as IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft...
Cloud analytics market to reach $16.5b by 2015 – study

Market research firm MarketsandMarkets has recently conducted a study on the cloud analytics market, analysing the major market drivers, restraints and opportunities in North...
US cloud start-up to expand in Europe, Middle East

San Francisco-based New Relic, a Software-as-a-Service start-up focused on application management, just closed another rounding that yielded approximately $100 million. The funding is meant...