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Somkid Jatusripitak

Loss-making Thai Airways frets about $3-billion plane purchase

Thailand’s flag carrier Thai Airways, whose business model is under heavy attack from regional discount carriers, is under pressure from the government as 51-per...
Alibaba commits to $320-million investment in Thailand

Alibaba Group on April 20 signed an agreement as scheduled with the Thai government to build a “Smart Digital Trading Hub” in the country,...
Crisis? Foreign investment in Thailand drops 78%

Foreign investment in Thailand plunged 78 per cent between January-November 2015 year-on-year despite new incentives offered by the government. The total amount listed in...
Safety downgrade heavy blow for Thai aviation industry

The downgrading of Thailand's aviation safety ratings by US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on December 1 is feared to cause big headwinds for the...