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Singapore’s GLP to buy Brazil properties for $1.36b

Singapore-listed logistics firm Global Logistic Properties (GLP) said on March 6 it has agreed to buy 34 assets in Brazil for $1.36 billion, strengthening...
Pacific Alliance seeks closer ties to ASEAN

The Pacific Alliance, a new grouping of four Latin American countries - Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile -, is looking forward to working with...
Thailand, Chile sign free trade agreement

Thailand and Chile on October 4 in Bangkok signed a free trade agreement (FTA) to pave the way to eliminate tariffs on 90 per...

A global investment guide by Stuart Williamson, CEO Montpelier Malaysia

Thailand's capital Bangkok has been declared this year's global travel hotspot by Mastercard's Global Destination Cities Index 2013, the credit card firm announced on...

The US has released a sharply critical report concerning the Philippines’ trade barriers, as well as pervasive corruption and a judiciary system that favours...

ABB, one of the globally leading power and automation technology group, has an office in Qatar since the 1960s. Inside Investor wanted to know more about the operations of the Swiss-based multinational.

Dropmysite, a Singaporean website established in 2011 that gives free service to users to backup websites, databases and email accounts, recently signed a partnership...

Investors from Chile are looking at Thailand for investments in steel, fertiliser and pharmaceuticals,according to the Chilean Ambassador to the country, Javier Baker. Both countries...

Developing Asia is often looked at as the global steam engine of economic growth. But what is making it more successful than other emerging regions? Justin Calderon takes a closer look.

Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to establish a parliamentary relationship with the ASEAN bloc, which further highlights the global shift...

Google is actively attempting to break into the worldwide $300bn a year online travel industry.  While the US and Europe have long since been...