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Philippine credit upgrades: Following the blind

If Philippine President Benigno Aquino III could wear the country’s recent investment credit upgrades like medals earned from war, he doubtless would. And why not?...
Election bodes well for Philippine bourse

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) will remain on a steady positive trajectory no matter the results of midterm elections scheduled for Monday, May 13,...
Indonesian growth in decelerating trend

Indonesia’s economy posted its lowest growth rate during the first quarter of 2013 in over the past two years despite having topped FDI records,...
ADB: Basics of growth in the Philippines

The Asian Development Bank's Philippine country director, Neeraj Jain, explains how governance reforms have improved the nation's economy.
Indonesia borrows $3b at record low cost

Indonesia has issued two bonds at a combined value of $3 billion at a record low yield for a 10-year $1.5 billion bond at...
Canada grants $7.1m to Fun Philippines

The Philippine tourism industry is to receive a multi-million dollar service-oriented jolt from the Canadian government, the first major foreign investment into the country...
Aquino outlines development roadmap

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III has outlined a three-pronged developmental approach to sustain the blindingly high economic momentum the country has achieved through heavy...