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Special economic zone

(De)constructing Sihanoukville – a photoblog

Let’s call it nostalgia, or call it utter astonishment – but something is happening WITH Sihanoukville. Something irreversible. We know what’s happening IN Sihanoukville since...
Labuan Financial Park

Malaysia’s offshore financial center of Labuan, an island designated as Special Economic Zone off the northern Borneo coast which has seen a surge in...
Myanmar to develop Special Economic Zone in troubled Rakhine state

Local and foreign companies are being sought to bid on the construction of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine,...
Singapore consortium to develop Myanmar special economic zone

A Singapore-based consortium led by CPG Consultants has been appointed to develop the master plan for one of three large special economic zones planned...
Myanmar to face foreign investment competition from Cambodia, Laos

Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are the potential “hidden markets” of Southeast Asia for investment opportunities, a business study said, but they could end up...
Thilawa economic zone’s share offering oversubscribed in Myanmar

The placement of 2.1 million shares of Myanmar's fast-growing Thilawa Special Economic Zone - which were offered through banks in absence of a stock...
Myanmar free zone slashes land prices by 30%

The price of land in Myanmar's Thilawa Special Economic Zone will be reduced by 30 per cent to encourage investors as real estate prices...
Dawei project in limbo – workers fear for jobs

Myanmar is going to invite more international investors to participate in the Dawei Special Economic Zone Project as Italian-Thai Development (ITD) has proved unable...
Myanmar public company to sell shares to public soon

A Myanmar public company, which is one of the two Myanmar companies formed in joint venture with two Japanese counterparts to develop the Thilawa...
Japan, Myanmar sign joint venture for Thilawa SEZ

A joint venture agreement for the second phase of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) outside Yangon will be signed by Japan and Myanmar...
True costs of electronics manufacturing

Interview with Dan Lachica, President of SEIPI, Philippines
Japan’s Mitsui asked to invest in Dawei

On the search for investment partner for the Dawei industrial zone development in Myanmar spearheaded by Thailand, the Thai government has now urged Japanese...
Dawei project gets slowly back on its feet

Thailand and Myanmar have agreed to breathe life into the idling Dawei project of an industrial park cum sea port in southern Myanmar and...
Tall order for Myanmar infrastructure

Over the next 20 years, Myanmar’s infrastructure needs add up to between $100 billion and $150 billion, with another $40 billion to $60 billion...
Myanmar’s infrastructure deters investors

The absence of reliable energy, transport and ICT infrastructure in Myanmar is deterring potential investors from entering the emergent ASEAN nation, the Japan External...
Myanmar property prices take off

Undersupply of housing, industrial land, hotel rooms and shopping space has caused a massive surge in Myanmar's property prices that have already reached levels...
Japan set to step up Myanmar investment

Japan is likely to take the top spot as leading foreign investor in Myanmar, it turned out at a meeting of delegates of 50...
Suzuki drives back into Myanmar

Japanese car maker Suzuki will resume its vehicle and spare part production in Myanmar after it got approval from the government to set up...