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Special Economic Zones

Cambodia Reveals Economic Reform Strategy To Counter Eu Threat

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced plans to reform the nation’s economy on a large scale...
Laos A Draw For Investors, But Obstacles Remain

With growth rates of around seven per cent in recent years, Laos is one of the best performing in ASEAN. The country’s GDP rose...
Laos Lays Out Economic Growth Path

The Laos government has unveiled a new national development vision, which it plans to facilitate from 2021 to 2025. The plan entails the transformation of...
Laos expects more private investment this year

The Communist Lao government expects domestic and foreign private investment to climb to 23,086 billion kip ($2.7 billion) in 2019 from around $2.36 billion...
Taiwan’s Teco plans to set up electric vehicle factory in the Philippines

Taiwan-based machinery and household appliance maker Teco Electric & Machinery plans to turn a factory in Subic Bay, the Philippines, into a plant for...

While many countries have slowed investments in Dubai’s free zones due to the current economic climate and continuing unrest in the Middle East, China...