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Insider Tips for Purchasing a Condo

With real estate prices soaring, Singaporeans are now rediscovering the joy of urban living and purchasing condos. Before you take that leap, though, you...
Investing in real estate: Is KL’s Desa Park City a good investment?

Investing always come with a certain level of risk, even if it's investing in real estate which has traditionally been considered as a "safe"...
Hosting a successful conference call

Making conference calls is essentially the same thing as making a regular phone call. However, with conference calling you can take advantage of speaking...

Indonesia offers prime real estate opportunities with homes for sale in Depok and remote villages, or even large urban areas like Jakarta, with great...
A New Age Of Treatments: How Technology Has Changed A Visit To The Doctor

One of the more interesting aspects of modern day medicine has been its versatility wherein materials that were originally developed for use in manufacturing...
Where are we going? The use of video conferencing in customer service

Many of us have gone through the problem of calling a customer service number, talking to a support representative and feeling the aggravation of...