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Spratly Islands

Battle for strategic supremacy in East Asia: Who will win?

Simmering tensions in the South China Sea have reached a state of uneasiness as of late. Long-standing territorial disputes between China and several regional...
Philippines offers oil-and-gas tender in disputed waters

The Philippines on May 9 launched a tender for exploration rights in 11 oil and gas blocks, including one in a disputed area of...
South China Sea dispute escalates over oil rig (video)video

Vietnam warned China that it would take all necessary measures to defend its interests in the South China Sea if Beijing does not remove...
Japan allies with the Philippines against expansionist China

Tensions between China and the Philippines over control of disputed territory in the South China Sea appear to be mounting. On July 27, on...
China warns of “counterstrike” against Philippines

In the latest escalation of tension in the South China Sea, China’s state media has warned that it a “counterstrike” is inevitable if the...
Sulu and the other rebels of Philippines’ south

The Sultan of Sulu’s aim to take ownership of Malaysia’s eastern state of Sabah has placed Malaysian military on high alert, but the Sulu rebels from the Philippines are not the only destablilising force in the region.