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state-owned enterprises

Investors, businesses losing confidence in Myanmar’s economy

Impatient with the sluggishness of the economy, local and foreign investors are losing confidence in the Myanmar government’s economic policies, according to a June...
Thai Airways expects turnaround this year

Back in January there were talks of the possibility of Thailand's national carrier Thai Airways International going bankrupt, but now things seemed to have...
Mergers & acquisitions wave set to hit Vietnam, say analysts

An ambitious plan to privatise more than 400 of Vietnam’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) by the end of next year will fuel a new wave...
Vietnam plans ministry to handle state enterprises

The Vietnam government plans to fight bureaucracy with bureaucracy and considers setting up a specific ministry or at least a committee to "manage" state...

Facing a stubbornly slow transition from a state-dominated to a market-oriented economy, Vietnam has now approved a master plan focusing on restructuring public investment,...