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Stock exchange

Brunei allocates B$5 million to set up stock exchange “in the next few years”

Brunei's ministry of finance received a budget allocation for the 2018-2019 financial year ending March 31 of 747.32 million Brunei dollars ($568 million), most...
Vinacafé the next mega-IPO in Vietnam

Vietnam National Coffee Corporation, the nation’s largest state-owned coffee producer known for its Vinacafé brand, is planning an initial public offering (IPO) next year...
Market value of Vietnam’s “bikini airline” VietJet overtakes main rival

The market capitalisation of Vietnam's budget airline VietJet surpassed that of state-owned Vietnam Airlines on March 6 only a week after it was listed....
Bank Islam Brunei eyes stock listing – but not at home

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Bhd is exploring an initial public offering (IPO) which would be the first one of a company based in the...
Investors in a bet on Vietnamese stocks

Global investors have set their sight on Vietnamese stocks which have been outperforming their regional peers in the recent past but, according to analysts,...
Cambodia stock exchange gets second listing

The number of companies on Cambodia's stock exchange doubled on June 16 - to two. The debut by a Taiwan garment maker is an...
Yangon Stock Exchange on track to open in 2015

The Yangon Stock Exchange will be opened by the end of 2015 as scheduled despite emerging challenges along the preparation stage, said Maung Maung...
Yangon Stock Exchange to launch in October 2015

The Yangon Stock Exchange, the first of its kind in Myanmar, aims to start trading by October 2015 and will begin with a starting...
Not many Myanmar firms meet stock exchange criteria

Currently, there are just about 10 public companies in Myanmar that can meet financial transparency criteria of the upcoming Yangon Stock Exchange, according to...
Real estate IPO in Thailand could raise $600m

Thailand's largest home builder by market capitalisation, Land & Houses PCL, is mulling the listing of some of its real-estate assets at the Stock...
Myanmar aims to launch bourse by 2015

Myanmar, the only ASEAN country that has no stock exchange, will continue pushing ahead with its plans to establish a bourse in the commercial...
Asia United Bank jumps 9.5% on debut

In the first initial public offering at the Philippines Stock Exchange after the country received  investment grade status, Manila-based Asia United Bank Corp (AUB)...
For the Philippine bourse, the correction cometh

The throbbing exuberance witnessed at the Philippine Stock Exchange over the years since the peak of the global financial crisis created a rally that may have finally been checked, and not a moment too soon.
Philippine bourse set to continue climb

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), after soaring over the 6,600 mark for the first time on February 21, is reaching towards another record the...
Thailand aims to become funding hub

The Stock Exchange of Thailand is pushing to take over the role as ASEAN's fundraising and investment hub from Singapore as the bourse becomes...