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Sultan of Brunei

Malay Muslim groups say Brunei’s Christmas ban “against Islamic principles”

A total of 30 Malaysian civil societies of different faiths, among them a number of Muslim groups, on December 24 called on the Malaysian...
Brunei and the Christmas ban: Theocracy on tranquilisers

Brunei is in the international headlines again for its extravaganza of banning Christmas festivities because the Sultan and his Imams fear it would erode...
Brunei-owned Beverly Hills hotel loses $1.5m

The losses faced by the Beverly Hills Hotel due tot a boycott over Brunei’s anti-gay laws have reached an estimated $1.5 million, local media...
Brunei family buys entire London street

A family from Brunei has reportedly bought 75 per cent of property along Queensway, the west London thoroughfare, in a series of deals worth...