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Sulu archipelago

Terror threats resurface in East Malaysia, wider region

The United Kingdom, after Australia and New Zealand,  is warning its citizens against travel to coastal islands in the East Malaysian state of Sabah...
Hong Kong keeps travel alert for Philippines

Hong Kong has updated its "black travel alert" for the Philippines - a warning to avoid all travel to the nation -, citing the...
Rebel leader declares independence of Mindanao

Nur Misuari, founder and leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), a rebel movement in the Philippines' troubled southern island of Mindanao, on...
Canada, Australia issue Mindanao travel warnings

Canada and Australia have raised travel warnings for their citizens to the Philippines’ second largest island, Mindanao, due to fresh threats of terrorism and...
Philippines: Anchoring on the halal economy

With the construction of a halal slaughterhouse in Mindanao underway, the Philippines’ halal agri-products are in for a supportive boost, giving added credibility for...
Philippines polls end ‘relatively’ peaceful

Mid-term elections in the Philippines ended on May 13 with seven people dead in election-day violence, seen by authorities as "relatively peaceful." However, 46...
No Sabah solution ahead of ASEAN Summit

Ahead of the ASEAN Summit being held in Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan on April 24 and 25, conflicting reports continue to emerge from...
Brunei Sultan, Aquino promote stability

Bruneian flags waved alongside their Filipino counterparts across Makati on April 15 welcoming Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei on his two-day trip to...

Even though the conflict between Sulu invaders and the Malaysian military is heating up in Sabah and a "civil war" in the state has...
Malaysia investment not at risk – minister

The ongoing conflict between the Philippines' Royal Army of Sulu and Malaysian forces in Sabah is not disrupting the overall investment climate in Malaysia,...
Sulu and the other rebels of Philippines’ south

The Sultan of Sulu’s aim to take ownership of Malaysia’s eastern state of Sabah has placed Malaysian military on high alert, but the Sulu rebels from the Philippines are not the only destablilising force in the region.