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surveillance systems

Philippine army goes on shopping spree

Dozens of global defense companies showed off their latest weaponry on July 17 at the first major defense exhibition in 15 years in the...
Brunei, Poland sign defense cooperation deal

Brunei and Poland signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in defence collaboration at the Brunei Darussalam International Defense Exhibition and Conference, or Bridex, which...
Internet insecurity: Could a Sarawak ‘cyber army’ be afoot?

The clandestine actions of so-called ‘invisible threats’ gracing headlines in recent weeks have arguably revealed otherwise, billowing waves of consternation throughout our hyper-connected world. In...
Spotlight: ASEAN nations beef up cyber defenses

Governments, it is widely agreed, must follow a mandate to protect their citizens. How much privacy they strip away from our online lives in order...
Philippines boosts military spending

The Philippines will spend $1.8 billion on military upgrades by 2017 to "protect the country against bullies in its territorial waters," The Tribune newspaper...