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Internet companies hit by Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law

A law requiring Internet companies in Vietnam to remove content the country’s authorities deem to be against the state came into effect January 1,...
Philippine government plans record defense spending amid China row

The Philippine government is proposing to spend a record 25 billion pesos ($552 million) in 2016 to purchase frigates, patrol planes and radars to...
Hack reveals how some ASEAN countries spy on their peoplevideo

Government agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are all on a customer list of a notorious Italian company whose main product is a...
Southeast Asian nations angry over NSA spying

Southeast Asian governments - together with China - have demanded an explanation from Washington over media reports that US and Australian embassies in the...
Spotlight: The cyber security conundrum – Join the discussion

Cyber security policies pose a conundrum. In endeavouring to protect citizens against malicious online attacks, how can governments ensure the public they are not...