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Sustainable energy

Vietnam, EU expect to finish trade pact in October

Vietnam and the European Union (EU) are expected to complete negotiations on a free-trade agreement in October, officials said on August 25, paving the...
Thai company to invest $1.4b in renewable energy

Thailand's promising solar industry received a welcome boost this week with the news that a leading domestic clean energy developer is set to invest...
Thailand sets radical targets for solar energy

The Thai government has said that it aims to build 3,000 megawatts of solar power capacity by 2021, 50 per cent more than previously...
Are the Philippines’ energy dreams too ambitious?

Alongside the C-5 highway in Metro Manila, one of the pulsing thoroughfares of the capital, a raggedy tarpaulin banner belonging to a hotel known...
Renewables: The green, clean job machine

A potent weapon of persuasion has been floating about the Asian Development Bank (ADB) this past week during the Asia Clean Energy Forum, held...
DuPont sets sight on Myanmar farming

US-based chemical company DuPont wants to enter the agricultural sector in Myanmar by assisting local farmers after it opens its office in the country...
Roadmap set for ‘low-carbon’ Thailand

Thai and Japanese researchers have embarked on a "Roadmap for a Low-carbon Thailand towards 2050" initiative that is aimed at contributing to widespread climate-policy...
Philippine green energy tariffs due 2014

In a spur to see half of the Philippines’ energy derive from renewable sources by 2030, the central government has announced that an anticipated...
Tokuyama: Growing in Sarawak despite challenges

Tokuyama Malaysia took a giant step by being the first foreign investor in sarawak'S SCORE with polycrystalline silicon production factories. Inside Investor got an update from the company's president Akira Sanuki.
Brunei: Chance to take lead in renewable energy efforts

Brunei, with its oil-centered economy, is currently looking for ways to diversify away from hydrocarbon revenues and does so through promoting other industries. Renewable energy could be a sector with high potential.
Philippines seek green UAE investment

The Philippines hope to woo investors from the UAE for the Southeast Asian country's renewable and clean energy projects, it emerged during a visit...
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Malaysian companies inked deals worth a total estimated value of $9.2 billion (RM28 billion) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on December 4 during the first...
Lim Chong Ling Small

PJI Holdings is specialising in engineering services, renewable energy, power and water projects and is looking for partners to enter 'green' joint ventures.

Solar energy has the potential to play a significant role in Thailand’s energy mix. Innovative companies such as Get IT show how it could...