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Sustainable tourism

Brunei To Push Tourism Arrivals With New Offers

Brunei is looking to capitalise on its natural attractions and institutions such as hospitals and international schools to promote medical, educational and eco-tourism, according...
Tough choices ahead for Laos tourism

Laos, a virtual hermit nation until 1986 when it opened its doors to tourism, is now finding it very difficult to control the reigns of...
International tourists spend $102 per day in Vietnam: Report

International tourists spend an average of $102.3 per day in Vietnam, according to a report released last week by the Vietnam National Administration of...
Vietnam needs to work on friendly image, says minister

Vietnam must prove to international tourists that the country remains a safe and friendly destination to win back their trust amid this time of...
Myanmar to develop sustainable tourism

Myanmar's Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is conducting a survey to look into the prospect of sustainable tourism in popular areas such as Inle...
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The Sarawak Tourism Board promotes the state as a preferred tourist destination throughout the world. Central message: This is a niche destination worth visiting.