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Is Mindanao Southeast Asia’s Syria in the making?

Pictures of the southern Philippine city of Marawi on fire are sending a worrying message across the world: Will Mindanao, the Philippines' conflict-ridden southern...
Indonesia police identify Jakarta attackers and mastermind

Four of the five dead perpetrators in the January 14 bombing and shooting in Jakarta have been identified by Indonesian police. They, however, named...
Are hearts dead?

A conversation on Ethics in Business with Mukesh Kapila, humanitarian
Philippines bans workers from going to Yemen

The Philippine government on December 9 banned its workers from going to Yemen after an attack by militants there killed more than 50 people,...
Muslim ASEAN nations concerned about Syria (scenarios)

Islamic-majority nations in ASEAN, namely Malaysia and Indonesia, have expressed worries about how a crisis in Syria and the Middle East that could affect...

Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia are ranked high on a new list compiled by Aon Crisis Management, a UK-based firm specialising in risk...

During a two-day summit of the world’s G8 leaders in France this week, the head of the Middle East and Africa section of the...

Brazilian exports to Arab countries are at an all-time high, due mainly to food exports.  Middle Eastern countries bought $4.1 billion worth of goods...