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Singapore-Kuala Lumpur is world’s busiest air route

The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route is the world's busiest international air link as per the volume of flights that operate on it, a new report...
Bangkok dethrones London as world’s most popular travel destination

Thailand's capital Bangkok has been ranked top of in MasterCard's 2016 list of the world's most popular travel destinations by number of visitors. The...
Taiwan’s First Bank to open branch in Laos

First Commercial Bank, the flagship banking arm of Taipei-based First Financial Holding Co., has obtained the green light from the Taiwanese Financial Supervisory Commission...
Foxconn to invest $1b in Indonesia

Taiwan's technology giant Foxconn group has finally signed a letter of intent to invest up to $1 billion in Indonesia as it seeks to...
Singapore, Taiwan sign free trade agreement

Singapore and Taiwan signed an economic partnership agreement on November 7 to boost bilateral trade and economic cooperation, the culmination of nearly three years...

By Manila raising their adherence to the “one-China policy” to address what Taiwan is now calling the “murder” of a seaman, the Philippines has further ostrichised their previously amiable northern neighbour.

The sanctions that Taiwan imposed on the Philippines after a maritime shooting incident that left one fisherman dead are expected to result in about...

A Japanese male has traditionally helmed the Asian Development Bank since 1966, bringing into the fold extensive experience from the financial realm – and the newest president of the bank is no different.

A new report ranks Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur among the top five real estate investment markets out of 22 in Asia-Pacific, along with...