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Cheapest place to buy Apple gadgets in Asia: Malaysia!

A price comparison between popular Apple gadgets in Asia brought to light that almost all of them are cheapest to purchase in Malaysia at...
Six ways CEOs can foster creativity in Asia

In small and medium enterprises (SME), a top provider of new jobs, the law of the land has and will always be innovate or...
ASEAN ministers seek solution for South China Sea conflict

Southeast Asian foreign ministers gathered on June 30 at the ASEAN summit in Brunei to intensify discussions with China on a binding code of...
Philippines, Taiwan sign nonviolence agreement

The Philippines and Taiwan have reached an agreement not to use force in the disputed zones of the 250-kilometer Luzon Strait that splits their...
Taiwan launches free WiFi for all tourists

Taiwan is now providing free Internet access at over 4,400 "iTaiwan" hotspots across the island to foreign tourists, who will also be able to...
Travel in ASEAN: Where it’s safe for women

Women wishing to travel alone in Asia will find this graphic very helpful. Listed are the safest places for female travelers in Asia, with Singapore taking the lead.
Are resources behind the Taiwan-Philippines spat?

The conflict between Taiwan and the Philippines over the death of a fisherman in resource-rich waters of the South China Sea seems to be deeply rooted in a continued quarrel about fish stocks in the region.
Philippine tourism upbeat despite Taiwan

Tourist arrivals in the Philippines rose 10.6 per cent during the first four months of the year, with officials maintaining the 5.5-million target in...
Philippines boosts military spending

The Philippines will spend $1.8 billion on military upgrades by 2017 to "protect the country against bullies in its territorial waters," The Tribune newspaper...
Tourists evermore in love with Thailand

International tourist arrivals to Thailand posted a growth of 19.04 per cent from January to April 2o13, the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports...
Boracay to lose $55.3m on sanctions

Hotels and resorts on the Philippine tourist hotspot of Boracay Island have reported a wave of cancellations related to recent sanctions imposed by Taiwan...
Taiwan, Philippine reconciliation looks dim

By Manila raising their adherence to the “one-China policy” to address what Taiwan is now calling the “murder” of a seaman, the Philippines has further ostrichised their previously amiable northern neighbour.
All the hubbub about Sarawak’s halal hub

The Tanjung Manis Halal Hub offers a springboard to reach and grow the halal industry in and from Sarawak, a topic that will be on top of the agenda of Inside Investor's high-level discussion on June 12 in Kuching.
AirAsia X Thailand to spread wings

A new long-haul budget airline is about to take off from Thailand as a local arm of Malaysia-based AirAsia X, the long-haul affiliate of...
Taiwan sanctions to cost Manila $300m

The sanctions that Taiwan imposed on the Philippines after a maritime shooting incident that left one fisherman dead are expected to result in about...
Vietnam sets up poison production

Vietnam has issued a new law that allows chemical factories to produce poison used for lethal injections to execute a backlog of  530 death...
88,000 Filipinos asked to leave Taiwan

88,000 Overseas Filipino Workers in Taiwan have been asked to leave once their contracts end as part of the sanctions Taiwan has imposed on...
Trade vs Territory: Southeast Asia’s rocky boundaries

The shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippine coast guard has instigated yet another needless flashpoint in the rocky waters of Southeast Asia. Nationalistic governments fail to understand the order of the global economy.